Trends in Logistics

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With the rise of e-commerce, the value of logistics has grown. Logistics professionals can no longer simply go about standard operations, and the days of peaks and lulls have ended. Yet, some may be asking, “why has demand increased so much?” To answer that question, let us turn our attention to some of the key top logistics trends we’ll see over the next 12 months, in part as a response to the growing customer experience movement.

Logistics professionals will have to consider a reevaluation of logistics strategy in 2018, but understanding a bit more about the top things to expect can help them plan for success.
Logistics is moving forward, even as the industry starts to curve in on itself to handle increased demand, pressure to manage returns, fill more orders, and adhere to the latest regulations. Logistics service providers will be integral to the success of shippers in 2018, but the top logistics trends trends that affect the shipper can differ from those affecting third-party logistics providers, procurement professionals and freight shipping. The crux of these top logistics trends falls to the use of technology.

Logistics is poised to reap the benefits of technology in the coming year, and understanding these logistics technology trends’ implications will be key to success or failure. Consumers are only demanding more, and technology is the solution service providers have been looking for to move more product with fewer resources.

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